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To know what's going on is the most important step in keeping your environments safe. Once or twice a year, an immediate threat to security, as we know it, comes without warning. When this situation occurs, you have to know immediately if your firewalls are affected by the threat, so we deliver right at your doorstep the related background information you need, along with our recommendations on how to deal with the said threat.

Security requires quick response

To keep your environment safe, you have to be able to make the right actions speedily to negate whatever threat comes. By getting the newsletter, you receive instant security updates from us that help you come up with the proper and effective response to any threat that might weaken, if not overwhelm, your firewalls.

Updating = security

Time and again, we read the papers or browse the web pages and encounter the disturbing news that someone's system has been hacked – and that the hack was successful because a certain piece of software has not been updated, thus introducing vulnerabilities that attackers easily exploited. To help you avoid becoming another victim, we include in our newsletter latest information in the security scene. Half of the effort to keep your clustered firewalls and other system components safe is to keep them up-to-date.

100% free of charge

We do not believe that we should charge for this type of basic service. Just as we provide for free a firewall that secures your environment, and provide free support when there's an issue, we also inform you for free when a threat endangers your firewall.

No flood of spam emails

In our security newsletter we only provide information that is necessary. No spam. No annoying weekly emails. We believe people can spend their time better, and we ourselves certainly can.