VirtualPF Beta 2 Released

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VirtualPF Beta 2 Released


VirtualPF Beta 2 has now been released. This release includes the following changes:

  • GUI Update
  • SNORT has been integrated and now under the firewall menu
  • vCARP integration
  • Integrated latest upstream updates from PfSense
  • Fixed many packages which did not function correctly
  • Update to FreeBSD 10.1 Release
  • Fixed Snort GUI (Bug #1)
  • Fixed Error on root password change (Bug #2)
  • Fixed OpenVPN Client (Bug #5)
  • Fixed issue with DHCP in IP assignments on console (Bug #6)
  • Fixed Traffic Graph Issue (Bug #8)
  • Loaded the latest certificates to allow updates to be easier in the future.
  • Many more updates..

We are working to fix any bugs found and we continue to monitor the forum located here. If you have any suggestions please suggest them on the forum.


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  1. uvigii says:

    Great work!
    I have following questions:
    How to update from beta1
    How and where to report problems found?
    Thank You!

  2. Due to an issue in beta1, you’ll first have to install the package “100 VirtualPF BACON-100 updatefix”, which can be found on top of the packages list. On the dashboard you’ll now see notice that a new update is available. Follow the onscreen instructions to update VirtualPF.

    Problems can be reported via our Q&A section in community support or by supplying a ticket via the ‘contact us’ page.

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