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and become a valued part of the community!
VirtualPF is a large project, and therefor depends on contributions from the community. There are many ways to contribute to our project from answering forum questions to development and everything in between. you can see some of the most common type of contributors on the left.

Get credit where credit is earned

Even though most don't care for the credit, we do believe everyone deserves credit where credit is earned, we therefor provide a top contributors page to honor the people that made a considerable impact on VirtualPF and it's development and growth. We will always do our best to provide appropriate credit wherever possible to honor all the people who made this project.

Become a community manager

and become a corner stone of the community!
Being a community manager sounds simple but takes time and dedication. Your main responsibility lays with the community, answering their questions, verifying bugs and pushing them to the developers, make sure any spammer is quickly removed and dealt with and more..

Grow together with the community

You and the community will benefit and grow together with VirtualPF. The more vibrant the community becomes the more important your role is within VirtualPF and it's members. People will relay on you and your expertise to forward the bugs to the developers while helping others resolve their configuration issues quickly and efficiently.

Become a documentor

and show others how VirtualPF works!
VirtualPF is a large and advanced project, it is there for very important to provide good and solid documentation so others can setup, maintain and secure their environment with the information and documentation you provided for them. Making each deployment a solid setup.

Help shape VirtualPF Depoyments

Making good documentation is an art. It is required for every project and even more so for large projects with complex enterprise features in mind. As a documentor you help shape peoples deployments from the start, they will learn from your expertise and re-implement what you wrote from the start. It is a great responsibility with great opportunity and recognition.

Become a Developer

and improve the codes and features!
VirtualPF has many features from single setup, to loadbalanced clusters and beyond. However this project is far from done and is only just starting. We have many more features planned and can use every helping hand we can get to make those dreams come true.

Grow together with VirtualPF

As a good developer you will be easily recognized for your talents, not just by us but by the community. We all have a great need for good and skilled developers, for finishing roadmap features as well as custom developments, feature requests, fixing bugs and much more... Where we grow your reputation as a skilled developer grows with it.

Become a translator

and localize VirtualPF!
VirtualPF is a large project and not even half of this world speaks english. We aspire to localize VirtualPF for everyone, as firewalls can already be tricky enough if you speak the language fluently, it can become even more complex if you do not fully understand the language.

Grow VirtualPF in your country!

There's alot of content to be translated, for both the Firewall as the site. However once translated VirtualPF is suited to become a popular firewall for your native country and/or language helping us grow and expand faster then ever before.

Become a investor

and help the open-source project!
VirtualPF is made by a group of people who put their time in freely. We greatly appreciate any donation anyone can spare, Paid feature requests and so forth so we can continue working on this project and continuously improve it for everyone around.

Invest in VirtualPF and improve it's features

When you invest in VirtualPF you can do it in many ways, from equipment to paid feature requests or simply a donation in any way you invest you will help our team focus on VirtualPF and grow more quickly then ever before. It's a win win for everybody involved.

Help in any way you can

and improve the VirtualPF project!
Besides the above mentioned examples there are so many other ways to help VirtualPF grow, there's literally too many to name, We appreciate any kind of help, promotion, anyone can offer so please, do not hesitate to help out in any way you want or can!

Need some more ideas?

There's countless of things to name but other good ways to help us out would be: Write a blog article about VirtualPF, spread the word and openly promote our project on forums, sites, articles, friends, family you name it. We can use all the promotion and all the help you can give so get involved! :-)

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