VirtualPF stable released

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VirtualPF stable released

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We have now released the first VirtualPF stable release named TEFLON 1.0. at

We have optimized the network cards for high capacity networks over 10Gbit. Along with a fully working IPv6 stack, and a functional CARP for virtual environments.

VirtualPF is designed to be a thriving community with the single interest to make the best firewall using open source products. . It supports a number of different hypervisors including Xen, HyperV, KVM, and VMWare with automated installation of the correct guest drivers.

Guides on how to install VirtualPF can be found at along with other documentation.

If you have any queries you can post in the forum at


Change Log:

  • GUI Issues fixed (Bug #10 #9 #16 #18 #20)
  • CARP issue when vLan was in use on the interface (Bug #11)
  • Importing configuration from PfSense now works (Bug #14)
  • OPENBGP has been fixed (Bug #15)
  • Fixed an issue with Squid3-dev (Bug #17)
  • haproxy-devel didn’t return the carp IP (Bug #12)
  • Sudo package didn’t show in the GUI when installed (Bug #23)
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