Legal Information

Introduction to our legal pages and agreements

In this page you can find all about the license we publish our code under and the license our Contributors need to sign.

It's a necessity these days to make sure your legal aspect is bulletproof to avoid stealing and miss-use of code, and the breakup of projects when disagreements take place

We have made our agreements and licenses as fair as possible, however if you got any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us

The license we publish our project under.

Code License

VirtualPF is a fork of PFSense, and PFSense a fork of m0n0wall. Some of the code might fall under a different license then others.

VirtualPF Codes

VirtualPF is published under the Creative Commons share-alike license. It is known as a "Free Culture" License and allows pretty much everything you can think of. However it does require that any Fork, or code based up on our code has to be and stay open source and "Shared-alike" like VirtualPF.

VirtualPF Contributors

VirtualPF contributors are required to sign a "Contributors License Agreement" It pretty much covers everything from A to Z and is commonly used by any opensource project.
With this license in place we can guarantee the future and protection of VirtualPF and it's contributors.

Contributors get access to our bug tracker and can commit to the VirtualPF Source at our Git repo

To become a contributor and sign the CLA

To read more about becoming a contributor please go to:
To digitally sign the document please go to:

PFsense codes

PFsense is partially published under a 2 clause BSD license mixed with Trademark registration and for some parts a 4 Clause BSD license. for more information see: PFSense legal section

m0n0wall codes

The m0n0wall codes are Copyright 2002-2013 Manuel Kasper. Please refer to source code header for exact copyright information.